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Xylem Inc. is a large American water technology provider, in public utility, residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial settings. The company does business in more than 150 countries. Launched in 2011 as the spinoff of the water-related businesses of ITT Corporation, Xylem is headquartered in Rye Brook, New York, with 2018 revenues of $5.2 billion and 17,000 employees worldwide.


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Former Employee - Analyst says

"No actual training and little direction . directors are no nonsense with little tolerance or sympathy especially in special circumstances and oh boy was mine speciall."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Shady business practices Management is horrible - corporate talks about how strict they are on their policies, but then local management doesn't abide by it. Been bullied for over two years by a manager and that manager is also a major thief, but nothing has happened. Manager still has his job with no consequences."

Former Employee - EHS Coordinator says

"Xylem Inc purchases many small companies cuts middle managers, increase job responsibilities, and offers little to no yearly raise for said responsibilities."

Current Employee - Material Handler says

"No pension plan and took away previous year of pension with contract. Pay scale dropped to 70's wage. Two tier pay scale could mean $5.00 hour difference in pays. Code of conduct for management is a joke. Management protect their own. Xylem/Sensus employees have the lowest moral since the sale."

Current Employee - ELDP - Sensus says

"Benefits are terrible compared to other companies I have worked at No incentives to work harder and be rewarded, actually there are no incentives No Bonuses, No ESPP, No Profit Sharing, & doesn't make up for it in salary Health insurance is a high deductible joke, why even have it They think they are a tech company but they run it as a car salesmen promising the world to customers and then letting Dev team figure it all out Marketing and Engineering are as siloed as can possibly be Its a who do you know company, not what you do Start rewarding the good workers and stop letting all the upper management take all the credit and rewards HR should work for employees, seems like sometimes they do the opposite sometimes"

Current Employee - Software Developer says

"1. Inexperienced management, Not accountable, Masters of mind games. 2. Dark and gloomy office space. 3. No career coaching or guidance 4. Software Development is void of process or strategy 5. All governed by knee jerk decision and complete lack of strategy."

Former Employee - Team Leader says

"Management is awful they will write you up for the smallest offense regardless of work ethic. The union is also in management's pocket"

Former Employee - Electrical Engineer says

"They split all jobs between 2 project engineers, and dump everything on one electrical engineer for 75 grand. Have no idea what kind of work load they have."

BUSINESS PARTNER (Current Employee) says

"This company is not being run by the most qualified leaders which in turns causes the leaders to not be able to delegate and relinquish control to the professionals it hires."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"High stress management roles. Great products and reputation. Very good opportunities for sales part of the organization, but I perceived not as many opportunities for those in operations.Corporate philanthropy and attractive compensation (wages and benefits)Sometimes short-term (quarterly) focus instead of long-term growth and stability"